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Testosterone Creams: Comfortable, Easy, and Effective

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Thursday, August 25, 2022

A study published by Dove Medical Press discusses transdermal testosterone therapy in men and says that “most men (age 22 to 69 years) prefer a topical gel product over an injection or patch due to its ease of use.” [4] Science&Human’s creams are an excellent option to consider in developing your best testosterone replacement therapy plan with the assistance of Science&Human’s registered Canadian doctors and Nurse Practitioners. In Canada, testosterone therapy creams may be covered by your insurance plan too! Testosterone creams are a popular method used by scientists conducting testosterone related studies as creams are comfortable and easy to apply for their test participants. For example, in one 52 week long study [1] scientists used testosterone creams to examine the mental improvements of older men using testosterone cream. The study found that there may not only have been cognitive improvements while using the cream, but that the improvements for that group stayed through a 24 week placebo period afterwards.

Testosterone replacement therapy benefits can be substantial, so get started with your Science&Human blood test today, and add Science&Human’s testosterone cream to your daily ritual. Increased free testosterone may benefit the skin, as a study called “Modulating testosterone pathway: a new strategy to tackle male skin aging” from 2012 may have found a link between free testosterone and skin elasticity and health. The study explored increasing the amount of free testosterone in the bloodstream by blocking the free testosterone degrading 5-alpha-reductase type 1 and 2. When the free testosterone remained higher in the men’s bloodstream for 56 days, they documented increases in dermis density of +5%. By starting testosterone cream and joining Science&Human’s testosterone replacement therapy clinic we can also increase free testosterone, which is a form of testosterone that isn’t bonded to a cell. Another study found that upon applying a T gel of 100m/day they could achieve increased osteoblastic activity markers, with decreased bone resorption markers. They saw a “small but significant” uptick in bone marrow density. (BMT) [3].

Why is our testosterone cream better than gels?

When using Science&Human’s compounded testosterone creams, you only have to wait a couple of minutes until the product fully absorbs and activates in the body, relative to the standard transdermal application brand “AndroGel”, which is associated with a greater probability of the skin irritation, and far poorer absorption over all. Where AndroGel is 67% Ethanoyl, Science&Human’s custom compounded testosterone creams has a preferred Atrevis Hydrogel which allows its polymer network to quickly and easily release the testosterone as it is gently rubbed into the skin. Now a little bit about the custom dosing: Our creams come in two dosings, 75mg/ml or 150mg/ml, and our doctors will advise you on your testosterone replacement therapy dosage by evaluating your 20+ blood test markers. Typically we start with 4 pumps of 1ml application (of the 75mg or the 150 mg depending upon your baseline levels), and continue to optimize your testosterone levels to a healthy range (up to 31 nmol/l) or until you see low-T symptom reduction. Results are transformational and can be observed in as little as 3-4 weeks, with your protocol dialing in, in about 6-9 months mark.



Take our online test and check if you are eligible for our hormone therapy

This allows our medical team to analyse your blood test and confirm if you’ve qualified for treatment


Testosterone cream in your daily routine

We recommend rubbing our testosterone cream on your upper shoulders/arms/back and chest, and then washing your hands well with soap. Best absorbs after your morning shower, when the pores are open to allow the cream to soak in. You can continue with putting a shirt on so the cream doesn’t transfer to surfaces or other people. Don't worry, it will not leave a mark or residue on your shirt. Science&Human’s testosterone cream will be sent to you from our online pharmacy partners, in a 3 month supply pump bottle where each pump dispenses 0.25ml. If you find that you start to have the common testosterone replacement therapy side effect of increased balding-causing DHT showing up in your blood test [link] (something that is more common with cream use) Science&Human often prescribes an easy to use once-a-day-pill of 1mg finasteride to block DHT. The follow-up TRT process is easy: every 3 months we mail you a blood test requisition on week 10 to be returned and processed for our week 12 meeting. During our follow up, we will monitor your progress, perform any necessary dose adjustments, and then deliver your meds, all from the comfort of your home. Easy enough?


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