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Why would someone choose TRT over ED medication?

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The next topic we’re going to discuss is the difference between TRT or testosterone replacement therapy and ED or erectile dysfunction medication and when to use each of them. TRT is not specially or even very good at allowing men to get improved erections unless their testosterone is very low to start with. This has been shown in numerous studies. That being said testosterone certainly plays a large role in a man’s libido and the desire to have sex and sudden loss of morning erections should be a red flag to look into possible testosterone deficiency.

It is believed by medical experts the growing number of men suffering from ED has a lot to do with the amount of stress they have in their lives, how they’re eating and how they’re living their lives in general. Many men have turned to counseling, as well as medicine for help with this problem when, in fact, most all of them would be cured if they had their testosterone levels checked and were treated properly.

In the course of a man’s lifetime, he undergoes many important changes. One of the changes which often occurs with age is a decrease in testosterone production. Testosterone is a hormone produced by the testicles, and it has many important functions. For example, it helps to build lean muscle mass, boosts body hair growth and bone density, improves overall mood and sense of well-being, increases libido (sexual desire), and decreases body fat.



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For many men, testosterone replacement therapy can make a positive difference. It can help you live a fuller, healthier life. The most important of these benefits may be that testosterone can help you live a more active, energetic, and healthy lifestyle. You may also notice a boost in your sex drive and an increase in muscle mass. Testosterone replacement therapy is a safe and effective treatment for Low-T. Studies have shown that testosterone therapy can boost muscle mass and bone density. Faster beard growth, increased sex drive, and sharper vision are just a few benefits of taking testosterone supplements.

There are some other red flags for testosterone deficiency which would include loss of body hair, loss of muscle mass, increase of fat mass, change in mood and these should all prompt a patient to speak with a physician about possible testosterone investigations. ED or erectile dysfunction medications really don’t play much of a role in libido itself but they play more a role in actually giving someone the quality of erections they need to have a satisfying sexual experience.

So to summarize, if someone is having poor quality erections, they’re probably looking more at erectile dysfunction medications but if someone’s having poor libido or loss of morning erections or other concerning things like that. Then they’re probably looking at more TRT medications.


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