Managing Menopause Naturally
Managing Menopause Naturally
Our menopause management program tailors a nutrition-led therapy to suit your individual needs. And we follow up every 6 months to make sure you’re still winning the menopause management battle.
Testosterone and muscle gain
Testosterone and muscle gain
A key factor in the growth of muscle mass and strength is the male sex hormone testosterone (T). By promoting protein synthesis in muscle cells, which leads to the development of new muscle fibres, this process is achieved
The importance of having your Testosterone checked
Men may want to think about getting their hormone levels checked this year for a number of reasons.
What form will my Estrogen/Progesterone bHRT take?
If you’re among the literally millions of women currently living through Menopause, firstly, we feel you. Secondly, if you’ve decided to put a stop the debilitating symptoms with bHRT, you might well be wondering what your prescription will look like.
How bHRT works for women without a uterus
As we can often be heard saying, Menopause symptoms are incredibly variable and completely individual. And it’s no different if you’ve been through a hysterectomy of some sort. You’ll still experience the dire physical and emotional consequences of low Estrogen.
What is Testosterone Cypionate - Should I use It?
One in four men over thirty have a testosterone (T) deficiency. Exogenous androgen therapy, including testosterone cypionate, can help men with deficiencies achieve appropriate serum T levels, and treat these prominent testosterone deficiency symptoms.
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA): What is it? Why is it prescribed? And to whom?
DHEA is a pro-hormone produced by adrenal glands responsible for androgen and estrogen synthesis, with varying levels varying with age and sex. It has been studied for its effects on depression, sexual function, and muscle preservation.
Not Waking Up With An Erection
Not Waking Up With An Erection
NPT is a common symptom of erectile dysfunction, but not always in the morning. Symptoms include lack of nocturnal erections and medications like sildenafil and counselling services. Advice from a healthcare professional is provided.
Testosterone Enanthate – The Tried-and-True Testosterone Supplement
Testosterone enanthate is a safe and efficient testosterone replacement treatment (TRT) for males with low testosterone levels. It is injected intramuscularly and has the same effects as endogenous testosterone, with a three-month supply and insurance-coverable dosage.
What is Testosterone Cypionate – Should I Use It?
Testosterone cypionate is an exogenous androgen therapy that helps men with low serum T levels. It works by slowly entering the bloodstream, and we offer consultations, blood testing, and information on TRT, as well as guidance on the dose.

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