Science & Humans 6-Month Money Back Guarantee:

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To be eligible for the 6-month money-back guarantee, members must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Candidate's BMI, weight circumference and medical history should qualify for treatment.
  2. Upload your medical form & labwork within 5 days of joining the program.
  3. Be a qualifying member for a minimum of 180 days since sign up
  4. Adhere to the program protocols diligently, ensuring you take the medication weekly as prescribed and stay consistent on treatment.
  5. Track your weight and document your weekly journey in the form of videos for the next 6 months since signing up.
  6. Have lost less than 5% of your starting body weight, with a starting BMI of 30 of above
  7. Candidate will provide consent to the platform to share their video testimonial, progress pictures and documented journey upon your approvals.

*This offer does not extend to medication payments. The program covers consultation fees only and does not include additional medication expenses.

* Members who cancel their membership before the completion of the initial 180 days (6 months) are not eligible for a refund

When can I request my money back guarantee?

Members may request a refund for the 6-month guarantee in month 7, between 181 - 210 days after signup, please send an email to with your refund request.

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