Which Testosterone Cream is Safe for Scrotal Application?

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Which Testosterone Cream is Safe for Scrotal Application?

Custom compounded testosterone cream is safe for scrotal application since it does not contain any alcohol which can cause skin irritation. Scrotal skin is very thin and better to avoid skin irritants.

Advantages of Custom Compounded Testosterone Scrotal Cream

It is customized for the person unlike commercial testosterone creams which come in standard doses, and contain alcohol which is a major skin irritant. A doctor determines the dosage after a thorough check up and blood work, and symptoms of TRT being treated.

Boosts DHT which is a potent form of testosterone helps sexual arousal, erectile strength and helps longer erections. Beneficial if one is suffering from ED.

Increases HDL which is the good cholesterol by metabolic changes and muscle mass increase. Beneficial for obese men who are also struggling with weight issues.

With the scrotal skin being very thin, absorption is faster and bioavailability of testosterone is a few times higher than injections or applying cream elsewhere on the body like armpits, thighs or abdomen area.

Saves one from sticking needles, scar tissue formation. Cost of buying needles etc saved. No visits to doctors office for injections if not self-injecting.

Can be used in combination with injections. Ideal for those who inject testosterone but dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels are low.

It also does not cause any skin irritation or rashes which has been noticed applying androgel on scrotal skin for a few.

Scrotal testosterone cream comes in convenient single use tubes which also does not mess up dosage. Especially convenient if work or lifestyle keeps you on the move. Easier to carry tubes than syringes, needles, medicine.



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Since scrotal testosterone cream leads to higher DHT levels, it may result in hair loss, acne and higher PSA levels, increased risk of strokes.

Very important to monitor DHT levels and PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) levels. Higher levels of PSA indicates other prostate problems.

Extremely high DHT levels can actually put a dent in libido, and is counter-productive.

Scrotal Testosterone Cream Application Dos and Don'ts

The cream has to be warmed up by rubbing hands and gently massaged on the area. Make sure to apply on a larger area as this helps absorption better.

It has to be applied after showering, or washing, to a clean dry shaved surface.

Wait for a couple of hours before indulging in intimacy, so the cream is not rubbed on anyone. Avoid activities that can make you sweat or swimming also for 2 hours after application.

Shaving is essential since this helps smooth absorption, and desired serum testosterone levels.

No showering immediately after scrotal testosterone cream application.

Hands to be thoroughly washed after application, and make sure not to touch others especially pregnant women and children. Make sure no surfaces are touched as well.

Science&Humans is on a mission to change conversations around men’s and women's wellness, starting with self care. custom compounded scrotal testosterone application cream will help boost testosterone levels in a safe way without causing any skin irritation and process to monitor DHT, PSA levels and side effects.

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