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What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

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Human Growth Hormone or commonly known as HGH is a pituitary hormone. As the name indicates, it is responsible for growth. HGH stimulates cell growth and cell regeneration. It also controls body composition, fat metabolism, muscle and bone growth, and fluids in the body.

Children are usually brimming full with it, since they need it the most to grow until the body reaches puberty/adulthood.

The amount of HGH eases after puberty or the heavy growth period when the body has attained full growth.

It plays a vital role in keeping the body fit and functioning well even after adulthood. But the amount of HGH in the body tapers off significantly after the growth period.

Lack of HGH/deficiency can cause stunted growth in children to problems like low energy, low libido, fat accumulation and loss of muscle mass in adults due to HGH production tapering off due to age.

How does Human Growth Hormone Therapy Help?

HGH therapy helps by replenishing the low HGH levels as one ages. Sustaining HGH with younger levels reduces body fat, increases lean muscle mass, good skin, sharper executive functioning with improved memory and cognition.

Exercise routines are productive and show good results, recovery also quicker.

Sexual performance and libido boosted to those of a younger person.

Therapy does not mean pumping someone with HGH but more to do with restoring the reduced levels to a youthful level.

Distinction has to be made on HGH therapy to restore youthful levels to those suffering from HGH deficiency. While vanity and looking good weighs in on the former, treating deficiency either for a child or adult is vital and necessary.



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How is Human Growth Hormone Different from TRT?

While both replace hormones which are low, TRT is an androgenic steroidal hormone, helps increase lean muscle mass and strength, restores libido, and ED, executive functioning as well.

hGH is a protein that is responsible for growth. Treating with synthetic HGH, stimulates the cells to get into growth mode. HGH is for both male and females.

Growth hormone therapy works for anyone deficient in growth hormone Unless one is deficient in Testosterone or HGH therapy will not be very effective.

The prohibitive cost of HGH also means this is for the realms of anti-ageing clinics who cater to clients with deep pockets.

HGH and Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

High profile celebs combining TRT and HGH have made combining TRT with HGH popular and heavily discussed in popular media.

TRT and HGH in many ways show the same benefits in terms of improved libido to sharp mental focus. Both are hormones and work in complementary ways.

What are the Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Therapy (HGH)? How Long Will it Take to See Results?

Benefits of growth hormone therapy (HGH) are many ranging from good skin, improved vision to sex drive. In the first few weeks improvements can be seen in stamina, increased energy. Lean muscle mass increase, strong bones, sharper cognition, sexual performance & libido boost.

After a few months other health benefits accrue such as improvements in blood pressure, weight reduction and cholesterol, better vision and healthier eyes.

The benefits of growth hormone therapy do not take very long to see. You may begin to see positive results of growth hormone injections in as little as the first four to six weeks of growth hormone injections.

How Effective is HGH?

The results from growth hormone therapy do vary from person to person. However, growth hormone therapy works for just about anyone who was found to have a growth hormone deficiency. Like any therapy or medical procedure, effectiveness of therapy depends on severity and age among other factors of the person treated.

Growth hormone therapy is individualized and designed to restore one's prior peak performance level and results depend on the individual and will differ from person to person.

Since growth hormone therapy is designed to be individualized, and return you to your particular peak performance level, naturally it will work differently for each person taking growth hormone.

Let's say a person healthy and active in their 20s who enjoyed moderate physical activity. The same person taking growth hormone in their 50s will not turn into an Olympic athlete. Growth hormone therapy will restore youthful levels to enjoy things one loved to do in their 20s.

Growth hormone therapy works by providing a way to make up for what time and nature take away.

Side effects from HGH are very minimal and are closely monitored by the doctor prescribing therapy. Needless to say, it cannot be bought OTC and has to be prescribed by a doctor.

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