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How Testosterone Replacement Thearpy helps in Longevity for men ?

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

What is testosterone therapy going to look like in the long term? The image of a brighter, healthier future can open up when men settle in with the best online testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for them, and join Science&Human’s community. We’re in it for the long run together, since Science&Human will work with you to manage the health risks associated with low testosterone as you age. The benefits of committing to TRT can be many, and all the longevity related benefits can really add up to make the golden years shine.

Balanced T levels could enrich musculature, help with bone density, joint comfort, and liver functioning. [1, 2] Harvard Medical School elaborates that millions of men use TRT to try to lift energy, alertness, and keep them mentally sharp. [2] . With Science&Human working with you to help you supplement your T levels towards those of your youth, sleeping is often improved, and depression can fade like a bad dream. [3]. Having your testosterone lower as you age is extremely common, and 25% of men are estimated to have low testosterone levels. [3] Most men lose 1-2% of testosterone a year starting when they’re in their 40s. [2] Science&Human’s online testosterone therapy seeks to raise our client’s testosterone to the natural levels they had when they were young men, and have those levels last for the rest of their lives.

Know your levels! Get your blood work done now. The benefits of testosterone therapy are many, but perhaps the most important of them is the way TRT is often shown in studies to increase longevity for men with lowered total testosterone levels. A study from 2007 of 11,606 men in Europe aged 40 to 79 years concluded that higher testosterone levels are associated with better life expectancy, whereas low testosterone could be seen as a marker for cardiovascular disease, cancer, and mortality of all causes. [4] It doesn’t have to be this way for men with low testosterone though. You can join Science&Human’s testosterone replacement therapy online, and we will work with you to determine the best testosterone replacement therapy approach for you long-term, to make the good life last.



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Hypogonadism is no joke, it can have dangerous health-compromising effects. In the 2007 study they showed a 25%-30% difference in mortality between men with the highest and lowest testosterone levels. They claim ‘most studies’ have found that, likely thanks to the lower triglycerides, lower blood glucose, lower blood pressure and less body fat that TRT patients often have, alongside the presence of higher HDL cholesterol (the good kind of cholesterol), men with higher testosterone have overall less cardiovascular risk factors. [4] Diabetes has also been shown to be more common in men with hypogonadism, and in our diabetes blog post you can read all about the testosterone therapy options for type 2 diabetics.

At Science&Human’s TRT clinic, the process to protect yourself from the dangers of low testosterone is simple and well supported. Working with us you will fill out a questionnaire about your symptoms, do a blood test, and then sit down with our Canadian licensed doctor on a video call to get your in-depth personal plan figured out to maximize benefits and minimize testosterone replacement therapy side effects. At a lower introductory testosterone replacement therapy dosage, we often offer a topical gel (with the brand name Astrogel) that delivers 25mg-50mg doses. We monitor our patients closely and do a new blood test every 3 months, and if your best testosterone therapy protocol calls for higher dosing ointment, Science&Human often offers our unique custom compounded cream that provides doses of 75mg to 150mg of testosterone! If desired of course, we also offer the classic injectables for injection into fatty tissue, and we offer Cypionate, Enanthate and hCG.

The maintenance of healthy testosterone levels as we age can also be promoted through lifestyle as well, though many men find the practices required challenging. (And for those who do, Science&Human is here to help!) Good rest, eating healthily, and exercising often could all help reduce stress and can correspond with higher T levels. Unfortunately, however, there is no guarantee with good habits that they will protect you from hypogonadism, so doing some research to understand TRT risks and advantages, as you are now, is a commendable move.

The Harvard blog warns men that there are a variety of circumstantial life factors that are often very hard to control that can also make men face greater risk of lowering their testosterone. They list: “injury or infection, chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer, medications, especially hormones used to treat prostate cancer and corticosteroid drugs, chronic illness, stress, alcoholism and obesity.” No matter what, Science&Human respects your life circumstances and will offer you our program, with protocols delivered to your door, to work with you to protect your health for as long as you wish. Sign up today and get the blood work requisition sent to your email within 24 hours!


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