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Testosterone Cypionate: A Comprehensive Guide – Is It Right for You ?

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One in four men over thirty have an endogenous (meaning “naturally produced”) testosterone (T) deficiency (1). Men with low T may experience low libido, erectile dysfunction, loss of energy, and symptoms of depression among many other health-related issues. Long-term implications can include an increase in adipose fat and cardiovascular complications.

Testosterone cypionate (i.e. Depo-Testosterone) is an exogenous androgen therapy that acts as a testosterone supplement for men experiencing a primary or hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (conditions that lead to endogenous testosterone absence or deficiency) (2). Exogenous androgen therapy, including testosterone cypionate, can help men with deficiencies achieve appropriate serum T levels, and treat these prominent testosterone deficiency symptoms (2,3).

Studies have demonstrated that testosterone cypionate can effectively increase testosterone and consequently improve strength, increase hemoglobin production, lower leptin levels, and reduce fatigue among many different types of patients (3-5).

How does Testosterone Cypionate work?

Testosterone Cypionate is an ester compound absorbed in oil for intramuscular (IM) injection, and is designed for smooth and efficient injection (2). These injections are absorbed slowly from the lipid-phase and distributed through blood plasma throughout the body for absorption into the cells, where they take effect. Each IM injection has a half-life (the time where 50% of the drug is consumed) of approximately 8 days. Patients are therefore recommended to inject themselves in the morning, once, twice or three times weekly.



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So, is Testosterone Cypionate Right for Me?

Testosterone cypionate requires a prescription-based medication for men diagnosed with a testosterone deficiency, and typically can be covered by insurance.

If you are a male experiencing the effects of low testosterone, you should consider visiting Science&Human’s website for more information on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Our clinic will refer you for a blood test and consultation with a clinician to discuss your treatment options, including the appropriate dosage, based on your age and symptoms.

Science&Human focuses on addressing your symptoms by bringing your T levels up carefully when evaluating dosage. On average we tend to start at 0.8mL/week and raise to 1mL/week of testosterone as needed. Sometimes men may opt to transfer from creams to cypionate to increase their dose. Given its longer half-life, testosterone cypionate is also a more efficient improvement on earlier forms of TRT injectables. Science&Human will provide you with a three-month supply based on your recommended dosage.

Our clinic’s website also includes more information on testosterone cypionate and its alternatives, including testosterone enanthate, another IM injectable, and non-injectable alternatives such as T-creams.

For more information on testosterone cypionate as it compares to testosterone enanthate, please see our blog on this topic. To get a better idea of how to self-administer TRT injectables, please consider the following informative YouTube video .


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