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Testosterone Enanthate: Benefits and Uses of Testosterone Supplement

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Testosterone enanthate (i.e. Delatesryl) intramuscular (IM) injections provide a tried-and-true method of delivering a derivative (or “similar chemical to”) endogenous (meaning “made by the body”) testosterone (T) as a supplement for men suffering from T deficiency and serves as one of the most popular current testosterone replacement therapies (TRTs). Indeed, testosterone enanthate was found by one 2019 study to be safe and effective in raising serum testosterone in males with hypogonadism (poorly functioning hormone production) (1).

Do I need TRT?

Males with testosterone deficiency may suffer from a lack of endurance or energy, weight gain, sexual dysfunctions such as low libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and symptoms of depression among other health-related complaints (2) Indeed, TRT, including testosterone enanthate has been clinically shown to treat the symptoms of low testosterone, including a decrease of subcutaneous body fat, body fat percentage, increase in muscle mass, sexual desire, ability and frequency in males (1,3)

If you are part of the one in four men (2) that suffer from any of the symptoms of low testosterone, you may want to consider an assessment through We will organize a referral for a blood test to test serum T and other relevant hormones, and follow-up with consultation with a clinician.



Take our online test and check if you are eligible for our hormone therapy

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How does testosterone enanthate work?

Similar to testosterone cypionate, another IM-injectable testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), testosterone enanthate is an oil-based testosterone ester. This means the body slowly absorbs this compound from a lipid phase and distributes it through the blood plasma so it can be absorbed by the body’s cells, where it acts directly to provide the same effects of endogenous testosterone (4)

Testosterone enanthate has a long-acting half-life of four-five days, meaning that half of each dose will remain in your body for that time period. For this reason, Science&Humans provides patients with a three-month supply with a recommended once weekly dose at a dosage of 1mL of testosterone per 200mL of serum. This drug is available through a prescription that can be often covered by insurance. Our testosterone enanthate also improves upon on earlier XYOSTED treatment in terms of side effect and pain profile, as discussed here.

For more information on this specific TRT, please visit our TRT section to get started. Injectable testosterone cypionate and enanthate are compared to testosterone enanthate in another blog on this topic. For further reading on intramuscular injections and how to administer them, please consider this video as well. Also, please consider alternative forms of TRT, including creams, when discussing with one of our clinicians.


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