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Combatting Male Pattern Balding in Canada: The Power of Finasteride and Minoxidil

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So A and B both got diagnosed with male pattern balding. It starts thinning hair from the crown area and a receding hairline, and is probably inherited. Both get a prescription for Finasteride pills and Minoxidil topical application. ​

A got his Finasteride & Minoxidil prescription filled with generic meds at a reputed, online men's clinic with a compounding pharmacy spending X dollars. ​

B went to a huge retail chain and got his prescription filled for Y Canadian dollars for branded Finasteride & Minoxidil. ​

Any guesses who saved the most money, and didn’t have to lose hair on the cost of pattern male pattern balding medication prescriptions in Canada?​

Yup, you guessed right. A saved a ton of money that he paid 10% down payment for a Condo in Bridal Path, Ontario. Just kidding. But A is certainly living happily ever after with his Finasteride pills and Minoxidil topical application purchase, cheapest in Canada, getting the same benefits as the branded stuff bought in the expensive retail chain. ​

Up your A game, and follow the right example for purchasing Finasteride & Minoxidil in Canada. Saving dollars is easy by intelligent shopping which isn't rocket science. Why not keep your mane full as well as your pocket? ​

Causes of Male Pattern Balding (MPB)?

Androgenic Alopecia or Male Pattern Balding (MPB) is a common cause of hair loss in adult males. Problems can start as early as in the twenties. But it can take years for visible signs to develop. The tell-tale signs are hair thinning in the crown area, eventually an exposed scalp if untreated and a receding hairline in the front.

While genetics, certain hormones and age all play a part an enzyme called 5a reductase enzyme that increases DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) a by-product of testosterone shrinks hair follicles eventually for the hair follicle to die causing MPB.

More 5a reductase enzyme a body produces,(genetics) more DHT synthesized by the body using testosterone. TRT is somewhat related but we will come to this later.

In short, controlling the 5a reductase enzyme, so that the amount of DHT(dihydrotestosterone) produced remains subdued is what is needed for hair loss prevention. DHT acts as a hair follicle killer, first by shrinking the follicle, and if left untreated destroy the follicle making hair loss permanent.

What are the different ways MPB can be treated?

Medically proven way to combat male pattern baldness and reverse the process is very much possible. Finasteride and Minoxidil are two of the most effective anti-hair-loss treatments.

While Finasteride acts as an 5a reductase enzyme blocker, Minoxidil a vasodilator has a beneficial effect for hair growth. It is not yet known how exactly Minoxidil helps the process. For one, being a vasodilator it certainly helps blood flow to the scalp to revitalize the hair follicles.

Quite a few clinical trials have shown the effectiveness of Finasteride 1Mg a day, to stop hair loss and increase hair growth:

  • 66% of men showed increased hair growth
  • 5% showed a great increase
  • 31% showed a moderate improvement
  • 30% of men showed a slight improvement
  • 83% of men in the trial showed no further hair loss

Combination of Finasteride pills plus topical application & Minoxidil helps even better.

Oral Finasteride pills might lead to side effects such as decreased libido, sexual dysfunction & gynecomastia or male breasts. Studies have shown that replacing oral finasteride after the initial year or so with topical finasteride plus minoxidil counters the side effects.

Medications have to be used for at least 8 months for hair growth. Continuous use of meds is a must to maintain hair growth for people suffering from MPB.

What has TRT got to do with MPB?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy of TRT plays an important role in addressing testosterone hormone deficits as one ages.

Testosterone plays a crucial role from maintaining bone density to sexual function, even vascular health, countering obesity and Diabetes.

But externally increasing testosterone also has a long term side effect of increasing DHT which in turn leads to balding.

So under medical supervision TRT along with Finasteride & Minoxidil helps in countering hair loss.

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