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How Will A Hair Loss Clinic Help Prevent Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)?

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A hair loss clinic is equipped with physicians who medically diagnose and prescribe meds to prevent hair loss from male pattern baldness.

There are both prescription pills, prescription topical application as well as general OTC topical applications like finasteride and minoxidil which if started early in the hair loss cycle can even prevent MPB.

Will Hair Loss Clinics Also Treat Hair Fall If Already Started?

Hair loss clinic prevents or treats the hair loss, if hair fall has already started. Treatment given to stabilize hair fall, extend the growth phase of hair known as anagen phase and help hair to regrow.

The rest period of hair called telogen phase is also reduced.

How To Lock In Precious Locks And Keep Them On Your Head Starting From 20s?

Are you in your 20s? relatives like dad, uncles, older brothers sport a receding hairline or a balding crown?

If the answer is yes, then male pattern balding(MPB) which is genetic, runs in the family. The hair clinic will help determine with internationally established methods of diagnosis of MPB.

Having blood relatives with receding hairline and bare crown is a good clue to consult a hair loss clinic which can be done online.

A gene makes you susceptible to hair loss from an enzyme called 5a reductase which increases dihydrotestosterone production. This has a shrinking effect on the hair shaft called miniaturization of the hair shaft.

The gene if present increases alpha 5 reductase enzyme production, which in turn increases dihydrotestosterone, a potent form of testosterone.

While testosterone is an essential male hormone, too much of DHT causes hair loss by shrinking the hair shaft.

Due to such shrinking/miniaturization hair fall will increase if not prevented and new hair will not grow from follicle.

What Kind Of Treatment Prevents Hair Loss At A Hair Loss Clinic?

A safe combination of prescription finasteride pills & topical finasteride + topical Minoxidil will give you a head start in combating hair loss from MPB before it starts.

These two are the safest most popular hair loss treatment which has been studied and researched very well.

Dosage & side effects of this medication is also well established. Side effects are very minimal but all this will be monitored at the hair loss clinic.

A solution of topical finasteride and topical minoxidil with (optional) finasteride pills is the basic treatment for MPB.

How Does Finasteride And Minoxidil Work To Deal With Hair Loss?

Finasteride blocks the enzyme that makes dihydrotestosterone (DHT) Minoxidil will nurture the hair follicles with increased blood supply preventing hair loss from DHT.

Density and quality of hair will not suffer with preventive hair loss treatment.

While losing 50 to 100 strands is normal daily, new hair growth not replacing such hair loss is the problem. Starting early treatment for pattern hair loss will stop this vicious cycle.

If hair fall has started, hair loss clinic treatment will stop and stabilize the hair fall, and help new hair growth.

The Key To Lush Locks And Hair Growth Is Prevention And Early Treatment

As a hair loss clinic, when it comes to prevention of hair loss from MPB, being proactive and starting early treatment is the best way to prevent hair loss to begin with.

No Stress Good Tress - Mantra At Science&Human Hair Clinic

Whatever the hair growth cycle one is in, avoid stressing over it. Stress increases cortisone which is not a good thing.

Deep breathing, practicing calmness, eating nutritiously, avoiding junk food, excess alcohol, exercising moderately all help control stress, bestows overall health, helping maintain that manly mane!

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