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Five Things to do to Maintain Optimal Testosterone Levels

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Testosterone is a vital male hormone, and deficits in testosterone can lead to many health issues. Maintaining optimal testosterone levels at all times is important since age thirty onwards testosterone starts dwindling one to two percent every year.

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally?

Testosterone is a vital male hormone, and deficits manifest in a whole host of different health issues. Maintaining optimal levels at all times is important since thirty onwards, testosterone starts dwindling one to two percent every year.

Having a friend or special someone to help you stay motivated and focused on the goal is a good idea if you need the extra push.

Enhancing low-T naturally is good if one is looking to have children and is off TRT for this purpose. Or may be the levels aren’t that low to require external help. Whether one has a medical issue or not, crafting a Testosterone friendly life-style leads to a healthier happier person with a long life.

The main trifecta of this strategy is exercise, diet, sleep. When these three are pursued devotedly stress which is a major factor in reducing testosterone will be easily subsumed creating a beneficial feed-back mechanism.

Exercise for Optimal Testosterone Levels

Yes exercise helps increase testosterone apart from keeping obesity and other diseases at bay. Studies show that a good work-out not only improves muscle tone but also ups T-levels.

Using weights & other resistance training is supposed to be the best T-booster in short term and long term, studies show. But, all kinds of exercise is beneficial. In fact, exercise in obese men was found to be more effective than diets in increasing T-levels.

People who exercise regularly have higher levels of testosterone as per a large review. In the elderly, it also increases fitness's & reaction time.

Remember no extreme, high endurance type exercising, this will only lower testosterone levels.


Exercise is a stress-buster which is a major cause of low-T. If in a severe stress causing job or circumstance indulge in a calming activity like meditation, music, cat videos, growing micro-greens even, it will also give you healthy salads & garnish.

Cortisol is bad for testosterone, high stress level leads to increased cortisol.



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Eat a balanced diet of whole foods including protein carbs and healthy fats, fruits & vegetables. Skip the processed foods, sugary snacks & sodas. Most important to prevent binges and drastic diets.

Tuna, low fat milk fortified with vitamin D, fortified cereals, egg yolks, oysters, shellfish, beans & some cuts of beef boost T-levels.

Onion – A study which comprehensively reviewed papers & existing literature from 50 years seems to prove it helps increase low-T by

  1. Stimulating luteinizing hormone which hastens testosterone production.
  2. It also acts as an antioxidant to prevent damage of testicular leydig cells which is beneficial to increase low-T.
  3. Enhances blood flow which helps increase blood flow in the testes to stimulate testosterone production.

Okinawans who eat plenty of onions and hold a record on longevity also show higher serum T-levels compared to age matched American men.


Getting sufficient zzzs is very important to up low-T levels. Matthew Walker, a professor of Neuroscience & Psychology at University of California, and author of the book – Why we sleep, states, sleep deprivation severely affects reproductive health. The levels of testosterone in chronically sleep deprived compares to that of T-levels of someone ten years senior. Lack of sleep can set you back a decade in terms of virility.

Besides, lack of sleep is detrimental to cardio-vascular system, immune system which can in turn have deleterious effects on testosterone production.

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