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Comprehensive guide for Men Dealing with Hair Loss

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Thursday, April 8, 2021

If you’re a man who is experiencing some form of hair loss, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Hair loss or male pattern baldness typically affects the majority of men at some point in their lives.

According to statistics, approximately 25% of men before the age of 21, who have hereditary baldness will begin losing hair while 66% of men age 35 will already have experienced some degree of hair loss. In addition, 85% of men age 50 will have significantly thinner hair.

What Causes Hair Loss in Men

On average, men will typically lose between 50-100 hairs a day. It’s not noticeable because new hair growth is coming in at the same time. Hair loss is experienced when new hair growth isn’t replacing the hair that’s falling out. Approximately 95% of hair loss in men is caused by androgenetic alopecia, or more commonly, male pattern baldness. This hereditary trait is caused by genetic sensitivity to a byproduct of testosterone called DHT. Hair follicles affected by DHT tend to shrink over time. Once this occurs, the life span of the hair itself becomes shorter, and eventually these follicles will stop producing new hair.

How to Know if You Suffer from Male Pattern Balding

You can experience hair loss in different ways. Some key indicators of Male Pattern Balding may include any of the following:

  • Circular or patchy spots
  • Gradual thinning of hair
  • Loosening of hair

How to Stop Hair Loss

Luckily for you, baldness is a treatable condition, but the earlier you take action, the more hair you’ll get to hold onto. Our combination of topical and oral medication not only prevents future hair loss but stimulates new growth as well. Review our options below to decide which treatment is best for you:

Option 1- best for receding hairlines Our 1mg of once-daily prescription pill Finasteride increases hair growth and helps reverse baldness. It has been clinically proven to be an effective treatment for male-pattern hair loss in 9 out of 10 men.

Option 2- best for thinning at the crown Our topical treatment of 5% Minoxidil mixed with the prescription pill, applied once daily revitalizes and stimulates hair from resting to growth phase. It provides a significant decrease in the rate of baldness.

Option 3- best for overall thinning hair Combine the two treatments. This powerful combo maximizes success by increasing hair growth and reversing hair loss. It promotes hair growth by blocking DHT, the hormone linked to baldness, and by increasing blood flow around your follicles.

How to Get Started

Getting your hair back has never been easier. All you have to do is sign up online and fill out a medical assessment that will be reviewed by one of our licensed Science&Humans physicians. If you qualify for the medication, you will receive a prescription and the medication will be delivered to your door.

If you’re experiencing Male Pattern Balding and want to start receiving treatment from the comfort of your home, are at least 18 years of age, have had an in-person doctor’s visit within the last year, and are a resident of Ontario or British Columbia, we have got you covered. To start your hair loss recovery journey with a free month’s trial visit our Hair Loss Treatment section on the website

*Note: You will be required to upload a picture of your front hairline and top of the head, including the crown, during the online medical assessment. Please be ready to provide these photos before you take the assessment.

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