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For centuries, Hormone health has been under-diagnosed and under-treated. ​
Thanks to Rosalyn Yalow , it's now possible to harness the power of healthy hormones!

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Declining Testosterone can put your life on a halt, but it doesn’t have to. The TRT program at Science & Humans follows evidence based protocols, that cater to your individual needs, considering your lifestyle, medical history, and health goals.

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Bioidentical Replacement Therapy

Women are wired to think that they must struggle through the symptoms of menopause, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Our customized menopause solution is based on evidence backed treatments. The goal is to minimize your symptoms and improve the overall quality of your life in this transition.

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Treatments delivered coast to coast by Canada’s largest online pharmacy
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Abida Dhukai

Nurse Practitioner

Sheena Jacob

Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Adeel Khan

Chief Scientific Officer

Muhammad Siddiqui

MD Endocrinologist, USA

Priya Sebastian

Nurse Practitioner

Lisa Rotz

Nurse Practitioner

Maria Jacob

Nurse Practitioner

Sridevi Emmadi

Nurse Practitioner

Donna McLean

Nurse Practitioner

Jessica Saucy

Nurse Practitioner

Jodie Foster

Nurse Practitioner

Joselyn Law

Nurse Practitioner

Vanina Walsh

Nurse Practitioner

Fady shmouni

Medical Advisor

Roselyn Zhang

Registered Dietitian

Bonnie Noble

Nurse Practitioner

Karine Villeneuve

Nurse Practitioner

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Your hormones drive you. Why not get to know them better? The more you understand your body, the better health care decisions you can make.

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Understanding BHRT for Women Without a Uterus: Hormone Replacement Explained

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