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Choosing the Right Form of BHRT: Estrogen and Progesterone Options Explained

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Monday, January 2, 2023

Ladies, let's talk about hormones, or more specifically, replacement hormones. If you’re among the literally millions of women currently living through Menopause, firstly, we feel you. Secondly, if you’ve decided to put a stop the debilitating symptoms with bHRT, you might well be wondering what your prescription will look like. 

This is actually a great question. Liksymptoms with bHRTe the symptoms it treats, Menopause therapy can be as individual as you are. 

For the most part, though, bHRT consists of a combination of Estrogen and Progesterone, or Estrogen alone. 

As you probably already know, Menopause is marked by a slow reduction in Estrogen levels as our reproductive system begins to wind down. This drop can result in a multitude of symptoms that can greatly impact your quality of life. 

From hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes, painful sex, and mental health problems, to sleep disturbance, low estrogen can reach every part of your body. And it is not friendly.

For a lot of women, bHRT is a fantastic option for Menopause management. Replacing hormones in a like-for-like fashion helps your body adjust to the enormous changes it’s seeing. 

But it also transforms your symptoms and, in turn, your quality of life. In short, if you’re eligible, bHRT can be a truly fabulous thing.

Your prescribed dose will depend on the severity of your symptoms, which is determined through extensive bloodwork and a detailed discussion of how Menopause is affecting you personally. And it’s at this point you’ll discover that the world of bHRT extends far beyond daily pills.

Of course, once-daily pills will always be an option. But what happens if you’re not one for taking pills? Well, as it happens, that’s just fine. 

Because bHRT can deliver the Estrogen and Progesterone you need in a wide variety of non-pill forms. 



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They include the skin patch, which is applied to the surface of the skin, this releases hormones into your bloodstream via your skin. And as they only need replacing periodically, there’s no nightly pill ritual to worry about.

Then there’s a topical cream, applied directly to your skin in places where it’s noticeably thinner. That can mean your arms, legs, chest, or neck. And it works in a very similar way to the skin patch, but with the added benefit of a direct impact on the affected areas.

And finally, there’s the vaginal insert. Worn internally, natch, in the upper part of the vagina, the ring can help with vaginal dryness, pelvic pain, and painful sex, as it’s in direct contact with vaginal muscles.

All the different forms of bHRT deliver their hormones in much the same way, so, medical needs notwithstanding, it really boils down to personal choice.

That’s why Science&Humans Menopause program offers all four of those options, combining to create a tailored, personalized treatment, based on real-world evidence and comprehensive blood analysis. We measure 20+ hormone and health markers to build a detailed picture of how Menopause affects you, and the best ways to transform your individual symptoms.

And with our 6-monthly clinical follow-ups and repeat blood work, we’ll ensure that your personalized Menopause treatment program is always working its hardest to keep you feeling your very best.

Whichever form you choose, your S&H Menopause treatment will transform your debilitating Menopause symptoms. You’ll sleep better, feel better, and, crucially, you’ll be better. 

Don’t let Menopause control your life. Talk to our specialists.


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