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How to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally?

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Using Testosterone Supplements to boost T-levels

Given the importance of testosterone on men's health and its beneficial effect on building muscle, mood elevation, increased libido, sperm generation, and Erectile Dysfunction(ED) supplements that offer to boost T-levels are many but in terms of efficacy circumspect.

Many studies of supplement brands, touting boosting T-levels , amongst other benefits like energy boost, libido etc., have one common outcome – disappointing results, and did not pass muster.

One extensive study of 50 testosterone supplements published in The World Journal of Men's Health, 2020 Jan, PMID:31385468 reviewed supplements on many aspects like:

  1. Active ingredients used
  2. Available medical literature of the ingredients
  3. RDA(Recommended Daily Allowance)
  4. Upper limits allowed

90% claimed Boost in T levels, 50% improved libido and 48% feel stronger,

109 unique compounds found, only 24.8 of these had any medical literature data that showed proof of increased T-levels.

10% data showed decreased T level, 18.3% showed no change in T,

No data found on 61.5% of supplements on their effect on testosterone. 1

Zinc 29 (64.4)
Fenugreek extract 22 (48.9)
Vitamin B6 20 (44.4)
Tribulus 19 (42.2)
Magnesium 17 (37.8)
Boron 12 (26.7)
Diindolylmethane 12 (26.7)
Eurycoma longifolia extract 12 (26.7)
Maca extract 10 (22.2)
D-Aspartic acid 09 (20.0)
Ashwagandha extract 08 (17.8)
Vitamin D 08 (17.8)
Black pepper fruit extract 07 (15.6)
Mucuna pruriens 07 (15.6)
Tongkat ali extract 07 (15.6)




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Individual components for “T booster” supplements and the percentage of surveyed testosterone supplements containing those components


Supplement Increase T Decrease T No change in T Conflicting Data
Anacyclus pyrethrum X - - -
Apigenin - X - -
Ashwagandha extract X - X X
Astragalus - X - -
Bioperine - X - -
Boron X - X X
Broccoli - X - -
Bulbine natalensis X - - -
Caffeine X - X X
Calcium X - X X
Chrysin - - X -
D-Aspartic acid X X X X
Dehydroepiandrosterone X - X X
Epicatechin X - - -
Epimedium - - - -


*Both the tables are excerpts from the actual study

The study concludes that patients should be cautioned about using testosterone supplements to up T-levels.

Considering supplements are not regulated unlike medicine due diligence in terms of researching ingredients, daily values allowed, possible side effects from the supplements if they work is very important if testosterone supplements are used to boost T-levels.

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