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Exploring the Impact of Temperature: Can Cold or Heat Boost Testosterone Levels?

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With ground-hog day approaching, and a longing for spring, seems apt to throw some light on how temperature affects testosterone levels right?

Cold Showers Boost Testosterone?

A cold shower might invigorate, improve blood circulation, give a glowing skin but it does not boost testosterone levels.

If it is a hot day or you had a vigorous workout, a cold shower will soothe sore muscles, cool down body temperature, including the testicles which is good for sperm quality. The testicles always are at a slightly lower temperature than the body.

In fact scrotal descent, and the way arteries that supply blood to the scrotum are right next to the veins taking blood away from the scrotum is a mechanism to regulate temperature. This evolutionary adaptation along with the thin scrotal skin, has led to scrotal temperature in humans 2.5 to 3 degrees Celsius lower than body temperature. Sperm generation works well at 34 degrees Celsius.

Taking a cold shower before bed will improve sleep quality which in turn might boost testosterone. Testosterone levels peak early in the morning and a bit in the afternoon.

Stress at work or in life is weighing you down? Working out followed by a cold shower or alternating cold and hot shower should help sleep quality which is a casualty of stress. A sound sleep in turn boosts testosterone.

Cold Stimulation or Exercise for a Testosterone Boost?

A study that compared serum testosterone level between cold stimulation and physical exercise clearly showed that exercise boosted serum T-levels, by increasing luteinizing hormone and Noradrenaline levels.

But cold water stimulation had no positive outcomes on testosterone levels.



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Details of The Study:

Title – Effects of physical Exercise and Cold stimulation on Serum Testosterone level in men PMID: 1890772

32 19 year old males were the participants of this study.

Testosterone concentration and other related hormones were looked at before and after exercise using a bicycle ergometer and cold water stimulation.

Exercise - Testosterone boosted by 20/8% , Luteinizing hormone up 3.6%

Cold water – Testosterone decreased by 10% Luteinizing hormone up 20%

Freezer packs, scrotal ice baths, rubbing ice on the testicles do not help with upping T levels. Sorry to throw cold water on this. It is more of a fertility hack to increase sperm generation.

Hot Showers, Sitting in Hot Tubs help Testosterone Levels?

While it does not decrease testosterone, unless the temperature is extremely hot and long duration it has no effect on testosterone levels either way.

Sunlight Exposure

Regular sunlight exposure ups vitamin D levels which is a testosterone booster. This fact is well established by many studies. In fact testosterone levels are usually higher in summer months.

Exposing your family jewels to direct sunlight a few minutes a day is supposed to help T-levels. Try it if you can practically do it, but only for a few minutes of morning sun. Remember sunlight can cause damage to the skin.

Using sun lamps, special red light lamps, NIR(Near InfraRed) lamps are supposed to help boost testosterone by stimulating leydig cells which synthesize testosterone. While most studies are done on animal models, such lamps are approved for pain management. FDA approval is not given for such lamps to up testosterone. Definitely do not buy cheap knock offs if you plan on this adventure.

Boxer Quotient

Do wear sensible, breathable, cotton loose underwear, avoid tight pants, shorts and underwear. Easiest thing you can do to keep your family jewels sparkling.

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