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3 Myths of Balding, Debunked + Finding Real Solutions

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Monday, August 24, 2020

Male pattern balding happens to so many, but it's a topic filled with misinformation and myths designed to capitalize on the shame that keeps men from taking steps towards solutions. While it can feel stressful, there is no need to feel embarrassed at the first signs of balding. 

Once you recognize the falsehoods and embrace the facts, you'll be armed with the knowledge that you are not bound to a fate with no hair.  

Myth #1: There’s No Escape From The Balding Gene 

While there is clinical research suggesting a link between the androgen receptor gene and male pattern baldness, there are so many more variables that science is still figuring out. In fact, there is no 'one' balding gene; there are many genes working together (upwards of 250) to produce different outcomes in different people.  Researchers in one study were shocked to find that of the men who inherited the greatest number of these genes, only 58 percent of them said they were losing any hair at all.

Myth #2: Wearing Hats Causes Hair Loss

This is a troublesome myth that causes some men to avoid wearing hats for fear of shedding hair.  While it might be that some people choose to cover their current baldness with a hat, there is no proven causal link between hat wearing and any hair loss.  There is an open question about whether it's theoretically possible to lose hair in this way, but you'd basically have to be wearing the world's tightest hat in the hottest climate for unrealistic periods of time to have the chance to cause real damage to your follicles.

Myth #3: The Only Solution Is a Hair Transplant

Hair transplants certainly work for many people, but there are a number of complications that might have you looking for a different fix.  Pain, swelling, numbness, and infection are relatively common for a few weeks after the surgery, and long term there can be issues with hair density and quality based on your unique scalp composition. 

If you'd rather begin your successful journey to reversing male pattern baldness in a safe, non-surgical way, please check out our hair products on Science&Humans.com, including multiple clinically-proven solutions like the daily pill(Finasteride 1mg) or Minoxidil 5% topical solution. This is a custom Science&Humans blend with 0.1% Finasteride to enhance the efficiency of Minoxidil and reduce the risks of oral Finasteride. A combination of both work very well for overall thinning and 90% of the patients see a significant reduction in hair loss, while growing new stronger hair overtime.

We offer our hair growth products free for one month, as we're here to be your friendly guide on the way to achieving the lasting hair results you so deserve. Your hair growth is in your hands now. Are you ready to take action?

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