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Find out what we’re doing this month for Menopause Awareness

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of Canada's 19-million-person workforce are women over the age of 40.*


of these women will be forced out of the workplace because their menopause symptoms are debilitating.*


feel their employer is not supportive or unsure if their employer will provide enough support.*

In today's world it seems as though no subject is off-limits for discussion but, shockingly, half of women feel that menopause is a "taboo" topic and feel unprepared for a phase that could last nearly 10 years.

We are taking the cause to the skies by partnering with a network of skydivers who wil jump with a strong message about menopause, spreading awareness at multiple drop zone during the World Menopause Awareness Month in October. The team of skydivers at each ‘drop' throughout October will be led by Chris Serrano, who is an award-winning creative director and skydiving athlete based in Florida.

$5 from every new patient who get’s tested will be donated to Women's Health Collective Canada (WHCC).

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Companies wishing to sponsor "Jump for Menopause" will have tiered sponsorship options to choose from and as part of all packages will become a Women's Health Accredited Employer. As an accredited employer, entities will receive a free HR toolkit and education sessions that will aid in empowering all employees in an inclusive and informed workplace with the right information to support their hormone health and wellbeing.

Reach out to olivia@scienceandhumans.com for more details.

For all persons and companies looking to support "Jump for Menopause" on social media, the official campaign hashtags are: #jumpformenopause, #menopauseawarenessmonth, #science&humans, #menopause,#menopausesupport, #menopausehealth, #womenshealth, and #hormonehealth.

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