Why Are Estrogen Blockers Prescribed for TRT Patients?
Estrogen is crucial for executive functioning, impulse control, intelligence, controlling anti-social behavior as well as bone health. In fact, it is produced in skin, brain and penis in a man’s body which shows that it plays an important role in man’s health as well. But over-production of estrogen is counter-productive to TRT
Testosterone Treatment - Self-Diagnosing Low-T & Dosing – Trick or Treat?
Self-testosterone diagnosis and dosage is a risky practice with serious negative side effects, such as infertility and dependency on foreign testosterone. Science and Humans provide clinically supervised, discreet, and cost-effective medical options for TRT therapy.
TRT Therapy – Can Testosterone Replacement Make Depression Worse or Better?
TRT has moderate antidepressant effect by improving depressive symptoms in men with hypogonadism. It modulates GABA A receptors, inhibits 5-HT3 receptors and may benefit those with more severe deficiency, HIV/AIDS, mild depression, transdermal testosterone use, and those on SSRIs.
Hypogonadism or Low-T in Younger Men and Testosterone Intervention
Genital or acquired disorders can cause weariness and a lack of energy, while testosterone and HCG can help raise T levels without compromising sperm production, but external testosterone therapy can increase the risk of infertility.
Can Testosterone Help Build Muscle Mass and Lose Fat?
Testosterone boosts muscle mass and strength, activates stem cells, promotes muscle growth, and boosts myonuclear accretion and satellite cell activation, reducing body fat.Testosterone also reduces body fat by favoring myogenic lineage over adipogenic differentiation.
TRT Therapy - When is a Good Time to ask for a Testosterone Dose Adjustment?
TRT therapy aims to maintain testosterone levels within 400-600 ng/dL range, and patients should be checked every year and every six months. Symptoms may improve if no improvement is shown, and medical oversight is needed.
Testosterone Cypionate versus Testosterone Enanthate
Testosterone injections are recommended for low-T treatment, but avoiding peaks and valleys in testosterone levels is the best option. Two popular options are subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, respectively.
5 Reasons to Check Testosterone Levels
5 Reasons to Check Testosterone Levels
Testosterone is a hormone that affects sexual function, muscle strength, bone density, and sexual development. Modern lifestyles can affect testosterone synthesis, leading to hypogonadism. T-levels can be measured through blood testing, and both genders should be aware of if they are low or excessive.
How Do I Know if I Would be Suitable for TRT Therapy?
TRT can improve mood, sex drive, and bone health in men with low testosterone levels, but it is important to diagnose the condition through a comprehensive blood test and rule out other underlying medical conditions. The ADAM Questionnaire can help guide the initial consultation with a doctor.
Can TRT Help With Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?
Low levels of testosterone and poor blood flow to the penis can contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED). TRT and PDE5 inhibitors can be taken with him to improve outcomes, but both need to be prescribed by a doctor.

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