Guide on Fertility, Testosterone and hCG How it helps ?
HCG can help increase testosterone and hypogonadism in men with low testosterone levels, potentially increasing fertility. It can be used as an alternative or in conjunction with TRT, and we offer personalized treatment options.
Men with Type 2 Diabetes and Testosterone Therapy
TRT and DHT are two techniques used to manage insulin resistance and weight loss in men with type 2 diabetes. TRT increases the absorption of sugar and decreases lipid levels, while DHT blockers should not be used in conjunction.
Seasonal Changes and Sunlight: How They Impact Male Testosterone Levels
A Swedish study looked at the impact of seasonal variations in daily light exposure on melatonin and cortisol levels. The results showed that exposure varied significantly and that wintertime levels of melatonin were greater.
Hair Loss Treatment: Dutasteride vs. Finasteride – Which Is Right for You?
Testosterone conversion to DHT by 5α-reductase leads to male pattern baldness, while dutasteride inhibits type 2 and has a longer half-life, both orally and topically with side effects.
A Complete guide on Sex Therapy
Sex therapy is a talk therapy method used to help individuals and couples with sexual dysfunction issues. It is growing in popularity and requires certification from a therapist to ensure they are knowledgeable and qualified. The EX-PLISSIT paradigm is used to identify, diagnose, and suggest solutions.
Testosterone Propionate vs. Testosterone Cypionate and Enanthate
Testosterone Propionate is not preferred for TRT due to its short life, frequent injections, high risk of aromatization, and side effects. It is only used in some countries with longer-acting esters, which result in higher testosterone peaks.
A Comprehensive Guide & FAQ on ED Treatment with PDE5 Blockers
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is caused by decreased blood flow, age, diseases, and medications, with Viagra and Cialis increasing blood flow by blocking the PDE5 enzyme, allowing for sustained erections during sexual arousal.
Differences Between Testosterone Enanthate and XYOSTED
Testosterone enanthate and Xyosted are injections used to treat hypogonadism, testosterone deficiencies, and FTM transition, but differ in dosage and frequency. Xyosted is not suitable for certain individuals and cannot be used with certain medications, so a medical consultation is necessary to determine suitability for TRT therapy.
Energizing Morning Routine for a Productive Day - Science & Humans
Men are encouraged to prioritize their health and create a healthy morning routine with energy levels, exercise, and grooming, as well as TRT and hair loss therapy to help them look and feel their best.
Which Testosterone Cream is Safe for Scrotal Application?
Custom testosterone cream for scrotal application has advantages, such as customized dosage, faster absorption, and convenience, but DHT and PSA levels must be monitored to prevent hair loss and acne. Proper application and precautions are essential.

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