How is Testosterone Propionate Different from Testosterone Cypionate and Enanthate
Testosterone Propionate is not preferred for TRT due to its short life, frequent injections, high risk of aromatization, and side effects. It is only used in some countries with longer-acting esters, which result in higher testosterone peaks.
ED treatment with PDE5 Blockers - A Guide & FAQ
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is caused by decreased blood flow, age, diseases, and medications, with Viagra and Cialis increasing blood flow by blocking the PDE5 enzyme, allowing for sustained erections during sexual arousal.
How is Testosterone Enanthate and XYOSTED Different?
Testosterone enanthate and Xyosted are injections used to treat hypogonadism, testosterone deficiencies, and FTM transition, but differ in dosage and frequency. Xyosted is not suitable for certain individuals and cannot be used with certain medications, so a medical consultation is necessary to determine suitability for TRT therapy.
Create An Energizing Morning Routine with Science&Humans
Men are encouraged to prioritize their health and create a healthy morning routine with energy levels, exercise, and grooming, as well as TRT and hair loss therapy to help them look and feel their best.
Which Testosterone Cream is Safe for Scrotal Application?
Custom testosterone cream for scrotal application has advantages, such as customized dosage, faster absorption, and convenience, but DHT and PSA levels must be monitored to prevent hair loss and acne. Proper application and precautions are essential.
Can Cold or Heat Boost Testosterone Levels?
Cold showers may improve sleep quality, and blood circulation, but cold water stimulation does not increase testosterone levels. Exercise, hot water, and sunlight exposure can boost testosterone. Sunlamps may also help stimulate testosterone synthesis, but wear sensible, breathable clothing.
Water Retention on TRT - What to do?
Water Retention on TRT - What to do?
To control water retention while on TRT, a diet rich in potassium and magnesium is recommended. Daily intake guidelines for these minerals are provided, and replacing regular salt with Himalayan or sea salt can also help.
Can Scalp Massage Help Hair Loss From Pattern Baldness?
A scalp massage increases blood flow, which feeds the hair follicles with nutrients and oxygen to promote hair growth. Although no unique tools are required, consistency is crucial. According to studies, regular massages lasting at least 4 minutes over the course of 24 weeks promote thicker, longer hair.
How Will A Hair Loss Clinic Help Prevent Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)?
Hair loss clinics provide prescription pills and topicals to diagnose and prevent male pattern baldness. Early treatment is the best prevention method, while managing stress can also improve hair health.
Not Waking Up With an Erection?
Not Waking Up With an Erection?
Not waking up with an erection? Don’t panic. As people age, they may naturally notice less nocturnal erections for a variety of reasons. While ED can be explained by a variety of physiological reasons, psychological ED is also easily treatable.

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